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Our Servuces

Stepper Technology provides sales and service of Photolithography Steppers. We refurbish equipment and parts, providing a range of products and services to the Semi-conductor, Opto-Electronic, MEMS and LED industries in the manufacture of Microchips and MEMS devices.

STL Inspection Tool

Inspection tools 

Robotic universal wafer loaders  

STL Universal Loader

Stepper Technology provides Universal Loaders.  For more information click Learn More below.....


At STL we salvage parts, refurbish and supply. For more information Contact us

Service Visit - Preventative Maintenance

We pride ourselves on our service. To find out about our after sales service contact us for further information

Applications Training

STL are happy to train in any applications we offer. If this something that interests you please get in touch

STL Semiconductor 

STL provides a range of products and services to the Semiconductor, Opto, Electronic, MEMS and LED Industries in the manufacture of Microchips and MEMS devices

Ultratech Specialist, Thomas Smith, founded Utech in 2000 and was joined by six more Specialists from the industry.  With Global expansion, they rebranded into STL with employees in Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA


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